Elke dag ademen we meer dan 500 liter pure zuurstof in!
Een boom kan maar liefst 20 kilogram koolstofdioxide absorberen per jaar
We weten allemaal dat we buiten onze bomen moeten koesteren maar ook binnen dragen planten bij aan een gezonde levenskwaliteit
Net als drinkbaar water hebben we recht op schone lucht
Windstromingen transporteren vervuilde lucht ook tot de poolgebieden
Planten breken bepaalde chemische verbindingen af en zuiveren zo de lucht
Om de positieve effecten van planten te onderstrepen lanceerden we het ‘Breathe Nature’ label.
Hou je woon-, werk- en leefruimtes gezond
Ontferm je over één van onze "Breathe Nature" plantjes
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Breathe nature collections

Breathe Nature

We are all entitled to healthy air, to a healthy living environment! And plants help us obtain precisely this. We all know that we must cherish our trees and forests outside, but plants also contribute to a healthy quality of life indoors. In order to highlight the positive effects plants have on our living spaces, we are launching the name ‘Breathe Nature’. Breathe Nature is an attractive collection of houseplants. Plants that are very easy to maintain, and have a tremendous positive influence on the air quality of the living spaces or working areas where they are placed.

What do plants do?

Plants ensure that inside air is spontaneously refreshed. It was even discovered that certain plants specialize in breaking down certain hazardous substances. This discovery was made by space agency NASA. For 20 years now they have been searching for ways to keep the polluted air inside a space capsule fresh, without having to expend any energy. And indeed, they came to the conclusion that plants are able to break down certain chemical compounds, thereby purifying the air.

In addition, plants have a positive effect on air humidity. Air quality is improved and complaints such as throat tickle, coughing, headaches, and dry eyes are greatly reduced.

Australian research has recently shown that the mere presence of only a few houseplants yields major improvements in air quality. Measurements were made in office spaces with and without houseplants, and with and without ventilation.

What chemical compounds do plants break down?

Plants have the ability to neutralize specific chemical compounds. Below are two examples from your own environments.

Formaldehyde: This is found in insulation materials, ceiling tiles, chipboard, floor covering glue, and cigarette smoke. Our ‘Breathe Nature’ ivy (Hedera) is a true champion in breaking down formaldehyde. Hedera makes a perfect indoor houseplant or hanging plant. They thrive in half sunny/half shaded areas.

Benzene: Found in tobacco smoke and cleaning products.

So keep your home, living spaces, and working areas healthy by choosing a few nice plants. Breathe Nature

Good luck!